Monogram JWLRY for Shoes (Jewelry + Application)

Current Production Times

Featuring a piece of timeless jewelry for your shoes that we will professionally affix onto any style of Rothy's shoes in any color of your choice! Mix and match letters to create a unique combination such as your first and last initials, initials for you and your significant other, initials of your children, animals (aka children), two-letter words, acronyms, etc.

Included is a pair of single-lettered monogram charms that we will secure to your Rothy's. Pricing includes charms and application. Clients are responsible for shipping costs to us and the return shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.

Removal: These charms will not permanently alter your shoes and the stitching can be very carefully snipped and removed at any time.

- Monograms are made of gold or silver-plated brass.
- Each monogram charm measures approximately 1/2" in width x 1/3" in height.
- Includes two (2) single-letter monograms in your choice of either gold or silver that we will be professionally sew onto your shoes using high-quality thread to seamlessly match the shoe color.
- Shoes can still be machine-washed as recommended on a delicate setting and separately in mesh washing bags to help protect the monograms.

How it works: 
1. Select your monogram color and mix or match your monogram letters.
2. Once your order is placed you will receive instructions on where to mail your Rothy's in any color or style of your choice to be monogrammed in your selections. You can send us a pair you already own or send us a pair directly from Rothy's. Either way, we will carefully inspect them upon arrival.
3. Your Rothy's will be professionally monogrammed with care (check our updated production times in the link above).
4. We send them back to you monogrammed and ready to wear!

Please note: Rothy's shoes are not included. This is a custom design service we perform on a pair of Rothy's points provided to us.