Metallic Ribbon Wrap™ STITCHWRK for Rothy's Points (Customization Only)

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Metallic Gold Ribbon
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Our original Metallic Ribbon Wrap Stitchwrk customization features sparkling golden metallic woven ribbon expertly and permanently stitched in a diagonal design expanding across the toe box area for your Rothy's* points. Send us any Rothy's point color of your choice for your own unique color combination! 

About Our Stitchwrk Designs: 

We use the highest-quality thread brands on the market. Our stitchwrk designs are expertly handsewn with precision. These permanent designs are stitched directly into the woven base-stitching of every shoe for everyday wear.

Shown: Rothy's Cherry Points with our Golden Metallic Ribbon Wrap Stitchwrk Design with Ribbon Location shown as "Outer".

How it works: 
1. Select your customization.
2. Once your order is placed you will receive instructions on where to mail your Rothy's Points for customization. You can send us a pair you already own or send us a pair directly from Rothy's. Either way, we will carefully inspect them upon arrival.
3. Your Rothy's will be professionally designed with care (check our updated production times in the link above).
4. We send them back to you - ready to wear!

Please note: Rothy's shoes are not included. This is a custom design service we perform on a pair of Rothy's points provided to us.