Confetti Hearts™ Design for All Rothy's Styles (Customization Only)

Current Production Times
Heart Color
Iridescent Pearl
Metallic Red
Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Metallic Dark Blue
Metallic Rose Gold
Metallic Hot Pink
Metallic Light Pink

Our original Confetti Hearts customization features a design of mini hearts expertly applied in a selection of colors of your choice for your Rothy's* shoes. Send us any Rothy's shoe color and style of your choice and choose any single confetti color for your own unique combination! We can also customize in multiple colors upon request.

About Our Proprietary Adhesives + Sealers:
Our proprietary adhesives and sealers are used to create every design. We have created a proprietary sealing formula that allows every design to be triple-sealed for protection without ANY loss or dulling of sparkle, ever. 

Shown: Flame points in our confetti hearts design in iridescent pearl.

How it works: 
1. Select your confetti color.
2. Once your order is placed you will receive instructions on where to mail your Rothy's Points in any color of your choice to be glittered in your selected glitter color. You can send us a pair you already own or send us a pair directly from Rothy's. Either way, we will carefully inspect them upon arrival.
3. Your Rothy's will be professionally designed with care (check our updated production times in the link above).
4. We send them back to you ready to wear!

Please note: Rothy's shoes are not included. This is a custom design service we perform on a pair of Rothy's points provided to us.