Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Below are the terms of service for the customization services and products we provide. By choosing to use our services or purchase our products, you fully agreeing to the terms listed below. In order to checkout, you must select the checkbox that you have fully read and understand all polices. If you do not agree to these terms or any of our provided polices, please do not use the Platform or the services provided.

Shipping & Return Shipment Upon Completion of Customized Shoes:

We currently offer Domestic Shipping within the United States. Our clientss are responsible for shipping product costs to and from GLTR of which return the shipping cost will be added into the order at checkout. Customization orders placed together will be shipped back together and combined when they are completed. If the client would like them to ship separately after the order has been placed, additional shipping costs will apply and will be separately invoiced. While shipping insurance is not required for shipments, it is strongly suggested as GLTR is not responsible for any loss that may occur during shipping. Insurance could cover any loss or damage if it should occur. However, shoes will be thoroughly packaged and secured for return shipment and handled with care as if they were our very own. Our clients will receive any original shoe boxes and any contents the shoes are received in and the shoe box will be shipped within a USPS Priority Shipping Box to help protect the shoes and its contents during return shipment. We are not responsible for lost parcels in the event that an incorrect shipping address was entered by the client. If you have any questions about your information or updating your information provided to us if anything has changed or will be changing, please immediately contact us at hello@itsGLTR.com for assistance.

Shipping Shoes Directly to GLTR from the Manufacturer:

Shipments being sent to GLTR directly from the manufacturer will be assessed prior to the beginning of the customization process. When shipping to GLTR directly from the manufacturer, please contact us upon receiving your tracking information to please include the following information:

1) The tracking number provided to you by the manufacturer.
2) The order number you received from the manufacturer. 
3) The number of pairs being sent to us directly from the manufacturer. 
4) The corresponding size(s) and color(s) of the shoes we should expect to receive from the manufacturer. 

After placing your customization order with us, we will provide the above instructions including mailing instructions in a separate email.


We kindly request that any previously worn shoes sent to us be cleaned prior to sending them to us. If for any reason they are deemed unsanitary, clients will be notified of their immediate return to the address provided at the cost of the client. The client may choose to clean their shoes and send them back to us to continue the customization process, and may be subject to a re-shipment fee to cover the second return shipping cost. If instead a refund is requested at that time, we will provide the refund minus the return shipping cost as the cost of return shipment is immediately forfeited to cover the return shipment cost back to the client.

Shoe Customization Agreement, Terms & Design Permissions Granted to GLTR:

We provide customization services and by using our Platform and services, clients are granting us full permission to permanently alter the shoes they have provided to us. Our adhesives remain flexible/bendable but does not stretch due to the nature of adhesives having to adhere to the fabric. Please keep this in mind to accommodate for sizing as sizing is relative, especially when sizes are selected that fit when even a little or a lot of stretching is necessary. A sanitized shoe form will be used during the customization process that will form the shoe to its normal form. Every customization takes many hours to complete and over a particular amount of days or weeks due to the processing and sequencing of each process and layering. As such, our services and designs are irreversible once the design process has begun. Please note that GLTR is not responsible for any changes in fit. GLTR is not responsible for damage that may occur to the shoe that may be a result of washing or damage resulting from wear.  

Refunds (Customizations):

Clients providing their shoes to us understand that all sales are final and refunds are not issued.

Refunds and Exchanges (Jewelry Products):

We currently do not accept returns on our jewelry designs. All sales are final. In the event that an item arrives to you damaged or missing, please immediately contact us within 5 days of receiving your order at hello@itsGLTR.com so that we may further assist you.

Preorder Shipments:

Payment is charged immediately at checkout, not when the item ships. All preorders will have an estimated ship date listed. Please note that this ship date is not guaranteed. If you are ordering a preorder item with an in-stock item, both items will ship together when the preorder item becomes available. If you would like your items to ship separately, please place two separate orders. Please note that delivery dates are not guaranteed in the event of service interruptions or failures caused by events beyond the control of itsGLTR.com. Such as, but not limited to, interruptions of our transportation systems or the services provided by our carriers, your bank or credit card. We are not responsible for lost parcels in the event that an incorrect shipping address was entered by the client.

Shipment of Jewelry Products:

Our JWLRY products (jewelry only) are eligible for free shipping within the United States. Clients are still responsible for the return shipping cost for shoes being sent back to the client along with any of our jewelry designs, although the weight and cost of the jewelry being shipped will not affect the return shipping price. We are not responsible for lost parcels in the event that an incorrect shipping address was entered. If you have any questions about your information or updating your information provided to us, please immediately contact us at hello@itsGLTR.com for assistance.

Production and Lead Times:

Our current production lead-times will vary depending on the current volume of orders we are experiencing.

Lead times on this page will be adjusted accordingly as they change. Please note that lead times will be higher around holidays, wedding season, etc. We put a lot of thought and time into our designs and we handle every pair as if they were our very own. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding with our current times. These lead times are necessary to ensure our designs and multiple processes are never rushed so that every client and their orders receive the same deserved attention to every last detail from beginning to end.

The production time begins the day on which your shoes are received, not on the day the order is placed. Between the time your order is placed and when we receive your shoes, please note that production times may have changed, so please check back often for an updated estimate. We highly suggest mailing your shoes to us as quickly as possible once your order has been placed to be set in our current queue. Our production queue policy is: Shoes are customized in the order in which they are received.


We provide a one-of-a-kind signed and customized Certificates of Authenticity with every customization to protect your investment and workmanship for authentication and resell purposes. With our proprietary formulas, expertise, and custom artwork designs, you can trust you have hired the original custom glitter artist and designer for your Rothy’s*.

Care, Wear, Wash, and Drying (Customized Shoes):

Once you receive your finished shoes, please keep in mind that your shoes are like a wearable piece of art. Our PaintDye formulation is still machine washable on a delicate setting in cold water only. It is recommended to put each shoe in its own separate mesh laundry bag to help protect the shoes and the design during the wash cycle. All other designs are suggested to be hand-washed in cold water with mild detergent. Please note that GLTR is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the shoe that may be a result of washing or damage resulting from wear. We also suggest using mixture of Woolite and Arm & Hammer (Laundry Booster) Super Washing Soda to neutralize odors. Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda is suggested over regular Arm & Hammer Baking Soda because it has a PH of 11 (on a scale of 0 to 14) compared to regular baking soda that only has a PH of 8. It is very gentle and works well on removing any odors. Lastly, if you do not own a shoe shaper for drying, it is suggested to cover the paper toe tips (or cardboard forms) separately in Ziplock bags in order to protect them from any wetness, and putting them back into the shoe along with the applicable blue shoe stick in place to help them dry back to shape.

Copyrights and Reproduction:

Please note that any designs, colors, etc. that are created, interpreted, and/or hand drawn, painted, and/or glittered by GLTR can be reproduced and/or offered to future clients and customers. However, if an exact design is requested for GLTR to reproduce on a pair of Rothy's and it is a design copyrighted, drawn or drafted specifically by you (client), please specify this information when contacting us for a custom design so that this information can be specified within the terms prior to payment of your custom order which will be separately invoiced. Any images taken of completed design and product by itsGLTR may be shared, reproduced, and used by GLTR in any form. Designs are copyright of GLTR, all rights reserved.

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