Our Promise of Sustainable Sparkle

From the start, #SustainableSparkle and to “Sparkle Responsibly” has been at the very core of our mission statement. We are making sure we are doing our part to protect the environment or else we would not be true to our love of eco-friendly shoes in the first place. Not taking steps to do all that we can to protect the world we live in would be contrary to the cause. After all, the idea has always been to leave the world in better shape than we found it.

But how are we protecting the environment?

To preface: according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Environmental Science & Technology via The American Chemical Society, micro-plastics >5 millimeters in size are a global threat when it is washed down the drain and released into our water systems. Water treatment facilities cannot feasibly filter these particles making it a consumption danger to marine life and other animals. These contaminants are then thought to affect humans upon consumption and through the food-chain posing plausible health risks. With glitter being >1 millimeter in size, its characteristically thought to be just as much of a threat as microbeads which are now outlawed in the United States.

From Day One, it has been our promise to NEVER release or wash our glitter formulations down the drain, to responsibly dispose of any excess glitter to keep it out of landfills, and to cut down on glitter waste by recycling our glitter in other ways as to not negatively affect the environment.

When we started creating glitter designs, we truly felt not taking these extra steps could be one of the worst things we could possibly do to the environment being glitter was our initial medium. Hence our promise of Sustainable Sparkle has been our true focus and promise to our ongoing concern and love for the environment.

Please know that when you are choosing to trust our designs on your Rothy’s you are also making a choice for environmental responsibility for your already eco-friendly, beautiful shoes!

Thank you for choosing to #sparkleresponsibly and supporting the change by hiring responsibly.

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