Our Exclusive Formulas

Over a decade ago we created our very own proprietary non-toxic glittering adhesives and sealer formulations that are not available in any store. We have taken these base formulas and created exclusive adhesives and customized these formulations for our various designs. These include our one-of-a-kind Glitter Icing™, Glitter Glazing™, Glitter Sugar™, Glitter Frosting™, and Glitter Ganache™ formulas. Our exclusive adhesives and sealants are uniquely created and our multi-step glittering processes are extensively quality-tested.

Our proprietary formulations will never cause unwanted stained bleed lines, blotching, lumpiness, dulling of sparkle, globs, or sharply dried seepage that can be prevalent with competitor copies attempting to recreate our original glitter mediums and quality glitter artwork. Our sealants allow every design to be triple-sealed for protection without any dulling of sparkle. All formulations allow the shoes to flex and will never cause any deformed shrinkage of the applied area. Our distinctive formulas and processes come from years of experience, testing, and expertise.